Hi.  I'm Baron and this is your invitation to join the Whisker Gifters Birthday Club for Dogs.  Members receive a FREE birthday postcard every year.  There’s no cost for you to join and your friends can join for $19.95 each.  (Just kidding.  Your friends can join for free, too.)  But wait! There's more...(see below)

…When you join, your name will be entered in my monthly birthday gift drawing.  Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re a warm and witty Gemini born on or about June 13th.  Every year on June 1st I’ll draw the name of a dog born in June.  If your name is drawn, I’ll mail your FREE birthday postcard along with a FREE dog toy or dog treat. Click here to see the winners.

If you’re throwing yourself a birthday bash this year, download my report, “Five Tips for a Great Birthday Party”.  It will help ensure your celebration becomes the gold standard by which the dogs in your social circle judge every party they attend.



"I joined a few birthdays ago.  It's amazing how quickly the dog years go by as you get older."  Sparky P. - Kansas City, MO

"Send a link to a cat?  I think not.”  Buffy T. - Walla Walla, WA

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Once you join, you can register your canine and feline housemates. They might be grateful enough to get you a really, really big birthday present this year. Simply log into your account and click "add a canine housemate".

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